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  • Features:

    • Built-in VGA microscope camera 480x640 Pixel
    • Revolver head with three high-quality objectives (4x / 10x / 40x)
    • LED illumination for incident microscopy
    • LED illumination for transmission-light-microscopy
    • Switch with dimmer for both light sources
    • 6-color filter wheel with pinhole aperture
    • USB port
    • Preparations (shrimp eggs, yeast, sea salt) / Gum media
    • Microscope accessory kit / hatchery / microtome (for thin preparation cuts)
    • Box with preparations, blank objective slides and cover glasses
    • USB cable
    Bresser Biolux Advance 20x-400x Microscope
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  • The Duolux is characterized by its flexibility. In the integrated drawer stores the accessories safely. Due to the large height adjustment range and the incident illumination, objects can be viewed up to 45 mm.
    Bresser Duolux 20-1280x Microscope
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  • More than a classic microscope. It has a robust finish, a case for easy transportation, is versatile and can be connected to your PC.

    Technical Specifications and Features
    • Standard Eyepiece(s): 2 Widefield eyepieces ( WF-10x und WF-16x)
    • Standard Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x
    • Magnifaction: 40x-1024x
    • Illumination: bright LED-light für transmitted light microscopy
    • Accessories: Lot of extras for an immidiate start in the microscopy
    • Software incl.: yes
    Bresser Junior 40x-1024x Microscope Set
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