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Konus Prepared Slides: parasites of man + animals

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Konus Prepared Slides: parasites of man + animals

Item #: E011457
  • 10 prepared slides from the thematic area of
  • Microscope slides labelled in 8 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek)
  • Practical box with space for in total 25 preparations/slides and index inside the lid
Delivery period: 1-3 working days.
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Technical Data

Konus offers a broad variety of prepared slides for different topics from botany over zoology to microbiology and histology.

In the product range there are both specimens for beginners, who are doing their first steps in the world of microscopy and high quality preparations for use in teaching at schools and universities.

The 10 piece set comes in a practical box, which has enough space for up to 25 microscope slides. Inside the lid of the box there is a numbered table, so you can create yourself an index.

Additionally, 10 blank slides as well as 10 round cover plates are already included, which offers you the possibility to enlarge your set with self-made prepared slides.

  1. Tapeworm (Taenia), t.s. proglottids
  2. Tapeworm (Taenia),eggs w.m.
  3. Trichinella, t.s. muscle with larvae
  4. Trypanosoma in blood smear
  5. Plasmodium, causes malaria, blood s.m.
  6. Liver of rabbit with coccidiosis, t.s.
  7. Big liver fluke (Fascicola), t.s.
  8. Schistosoma, t.s. of male and female
  9. Hydatide cyst of Echinoccocus t.s.
  10. Roundworm of man and pig Ascaris t.s.
  • 10 prepared slides
  • 10 blank slides
  • 10 round, small cover plates
  • box with index

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