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BRESSER Prepared Slides: Animals

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BRESSER Prepared Slides: Animals

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  • 30 prepared slides "Animals" in a wooden box for microscopy.
  • Ideal to learn more about microscopy.
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Number of Preparations
30 prepared slides based on the theme "Animals".

1 Paramecium W.M.
2 Paramecium Conjugation, W.M.
3 Paramecium in Fission, W.M.
4 Euglena W.M.
5 Hydra C.S.
6 Hydra, Spermary, C.S.
7 Hydra L.S.
8 Hydra With Bud, W.M.
9 Schistosoma Male, W.M.
10 Schistosoma Female, W.M.
11 Ascaris Egg, C.S.
12 Schistosoma Miracidia, W.M.
13 Schistosoma Ceraroae, W.M.
14 Schistosoma Adults in Copula, W.M.
15 Bladder Worm, W.M.
16 Tapeworm, Mature Proglottid, W.M.
17 Ascaris Female and Male, C.S.
18 Mitosis Horse Ascaris Eggs, Sec.
19 Earthworm C.S.
20 Honey Bee Mouth Parts, W.M.
21 Mosquite Mouth Parts, W.M.
22 Culex Common House Mosquito, Larva, W.M.
23 House Fly Mouth Parts, W.M.
24 Butterfly Mouth Parts, W.M.
25 Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M.
26 Ant W.M.
27 Clam Gill, C.S.
28 Frog Egg, C.S.
29 Frog Liver, Sec.
30 Blood, Pigeon, smear

  • 30 prepared slides
  • Wooden box

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