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BRESSER Darkfield Condenser (oil type)

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BRESSER Darkfield Condenser (oil type)

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BRESSER offers along the diverse range of microscopes a lot of accessories dedicated to it. The Darkfield microscopy enables a new way to observe your preparations. Especially the contrast of translucent preparations will be enhanced. The background is dark, only the object is illuminated.

The BRESSER Darkfield Condenser guides light from the side to the preparation. It provides a strong contrast enhancement, especially at very transparent preparations. The immersion oil delivers defined images even at high magnifications. This condenser is compatible with the following BRESSER microscopes:
  • Science TRM 301 (5760100)
  • BioScience Bino (5750500)
  • BioScience Trino (5750600)
  • Science ADL 601 P (5770200)
  • Science ADL 601 F (5770500)
  • Darkfield Condenser (oil type)

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