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Optika B-192 Binocular Microscope

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Optika B-192 Binocular Microscope

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Technical Data

Field of application
Field of application
  • Education
  • Education
Focus group
Focus Group Advanced Amateurs
Product family
Product Family Transmitted light microscope
Optical design Biological
Magnification from 40
Magnification up to 1000
Magnification in stages 40x/100x/400x/1000x
Diopter setting
Lighting5 Transmitted light
Dimmer Dimmable lighting
Focusing system Coarse and fine focuser (coaxial; 200 mym/revolution)
View Binocular
Interpupilar distance min. 48 mm
Interpupilar distance max. 75 mm
XY cross stage High End XY Stage with single hand operation
  • blue
  • black
  • white
Body material Aluminium/plastic
Product series MyTime
Total length 235 mm
Total width 290 mm
Total height 370 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 6.5 kg
The B-190 series is the result of a perfect fusion between years of experience in the microscopy field and a refined design study. This series represents our product philosophy at its best: quality, reliability and innovation. The B-190 series is the answer of OPTIKA Microscopes to the challenge of the future in the teaching field.

Optical system The optical system has been developed for demanding users; it consists of high quality components which guarantees an high image contrast and an excellent optical resolution. The optical components have been designed and treated with special techniques to prevent the formation of moulds and fungi.

Stand The stand has a modern and ergonomic design. It is easy to carry the microscope thanks to the large opening behind the revolving nosepiece, to be used as a handle. The opening allows the user to see clearly the objectives and the samples, as requested in discussion groups.

Mechanics The moving parts are made by means of machine tools with computerized numerical control reducing manufacturing tolerance and increasing the reliability of the instrument. The strict controls on materials and production processes are optimized through the procedures established by ISO 9001:2008 quality system.

Illumination X-LED2 TM - The future of illumination. The X-LED2 TM powered illumination system has been developed by our R&D dept. and consists of a combination of LED and optical technology. A high-efficiency single chip LED improved by a special optical system doubles the light intensity generated by an ordinary LED. The resulting light is comparable to the light generated by a 30W halogen lamp but with a colour temperature of 6300K: this means a white light instead of the yellow one produced by filament lamps. The electric consumption (3W only) proves the high efficiency of this system: the same light intensity with less consumption; 10% of an ordinary 30W halogen lamp’s consumption. In addition, the lifetime of the LED is 50.000 hours instead of the 1.500 hours of an ordinary halogen lamp.

Technical Specifications
• Head: Binocular 360° rotating, 30° inclined with adjustable interpupillary distance and dioptric compensation
• Eyepiece: Wide Field 10x/18mm
• Nosepiece: Quadruple, reversed
• Objectives: DIN Achromatic 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65, 100x/1.25
• Stage: Double layer, 125x115 mm with X-Y 70x30mm moving range
• Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing
• Illuminator: X-LED2 TM system with adjustable intensity
• Condenser: 1.25 N.A. Abbe type with adjustable height and iris diaphragm
• Power supply: 100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz external power adapter, 7,5 Vdc output

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